What you should look out for, at a Salon!

What you should look out for, at a Salon!

What you should look out for, at a salon!

With Salons Opening up at every turning, how do you recognize the right one for your Hair and Beauty Treatments? It is not necessary that only a branded salon would provide you with a complete Technical and Hygienic Service experience. No matter how posh a salon, if it is not keeping up with the appropriate health and safety norms, it can become an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs.

There are a few pointers one needs to keep in mind before selecting a salon:

Warm Customer Service: The Salon should value your business and not act like they are doing you a favor. You should feel like a welcome guest.

Hygiene: Smart consumers should look for a salon that is clean, comfortable, conscientious and capable. Don’t be afraid to ask your beauty professional anything you want to know, about your service or the salon, which concerns you.

Grooming: How well groomed your technical stylist / aesthetician are, speaks a lot about the way they will conduct your service. A professionally groomed technician represents the care he or she will take during the entire service time you spend at the salon, whereas, Jeans, flip – flops, trainers, armpits, chewing gums, Heavy metal accessories are a complete no no. How well they present themselves shows a clear sign of respect they have for the customers.

Ask yourself the following questions when you enter a salon:

  • Are the salon and individual workstations clean?
  • Does your nail technician observe proper sanitation practices?
  • What is included in the price of the service?
  • Did the nail technician explain the service to you, ask you questions about your needs, and inform you of proper home care?
  • Does the salon have a strong odor?
  • What products are used in the salon?
  • Are the technician’s Certified?
  •  Is the salon licensed?

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