Body Massage

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French Detox

At Pink Room Salon and Day Spa, we have exclusively created this specially blended oil which helps Detoxify and releases the toxins from your body. This prevents illness to a large extent and also rejuvenates your mental health. It is important to continuously detoxify your body and release toxins, for preventing the symptoms of illness and cleansing your body. Pink Room Salon and Day Spa offers you this exclusive body massage by our trained masseurs to help you relax. For this massage, we use a combination of Juniper berry and Cyprus extracts which have proven benefits in aiding the detoxification process.

Viiking Pink Room muscle relief

Muscle Relief

Our personal and professional commitments, and our erratic lifestyles, invariably lead to continuous physical movement, which causes tension in the muscles. It is important that this chronic muscle tension be released regularly, and does not pile up to create unnecessary complications later. Using a balance of Red Thyme and Rosemary extracts, our trained masseur uses a combination of slow strokes and deep pressure for releasing chronic tension in your muscles. This relaxes your muscles and eases the pain caused by tension build up. For focusing on specific areas of tension, our therapist uses strong pressure for providing muscle relief.

Viiking Pink Room Skin Rejuve

Skin Rejuve

Due to constant exposure to unavoidable elements like Pollution, Work Stress, and Advancing Age, your skin gradually loses its glow and becomes a pale comparison of what it was earlier. When you choose our Skin Rejuve massage, which comprises of extracts of Neroli and French Lavender, you will notice that after a couple of sessions, your skin will start glowing once again.

Viiking Pink Room Pure sleep

Pure Sleep

A good night’s sleep is the best way to relax and calm your mind. We understand this perfectly and have created a unique massage which will help your mind relax and ensure that you sleep peacefully. Our aroma experts have specially blended extracts of Clary Sage and French Lavender for being used in this massage.

Viiking Pink Room Destress Massage


Today’s hectic lifestyle is the major cause of body ache, tiredness and mental tension. Coping with personal and professional commitments is getting tougher day by day. While we cannot avoid our multiple commitments, we can certainly avoid the pain and tension associated with them, by choosing this exclusive De-Stress massage. When the soothing combination of Sandalwood and Rose with Patchouli is slowly released into your body by our expert masseur, you will experience a sense of deep satisfaction. In the first session itself, you will feel a significant reduction in body pain, mental tension and tiredness.

hot stone massage viiking pink room

Massage La Pierre

This innovative massage is a form of the rejuvenating treatment called “thermotherapy”. Our masseurs strategically position hot stones on specific areas of your body, which facilitates greater manipulation of deep tissues and brings you to a state of serene relaxation.

Viiking pink room jeevaniya Abhyangam

Jeevaniya Abhyangam

Using a delicate balance of selected medicated herbal oils, we use this traditional detoxifying treatment to rejuvenate your body and mind. This well researched massage is exceptionally helpful in controlled weight loss and toning fatigued skin. It is also used as a popular anti-ageing therapy and is extremely popular at our Spa.

Churna Abhyangam

If you feel that all massage therapies use flower extracts and scented oils, this massage will change your perception. Churna Abhyangam is a unique beauty and health treatment which comprises of vigorously massaging dry herbal powders on your skin. This therapy effectively burns the subcutaneous fat to reduce cellulite and take your figure towards a slimmer zone. This treatment also improves circulation and removes dead skin, leaving your skin moist and glowing.

Viiking Pink Room Shramahara Abhyangam

Shramahara Abhyangam

Pink Room Salon and Day Spa has specially devised this signature treatment for loosening stressed up muscles and inducing deep relaxation. Herbal relaxing Ayurvedic oil is applied on your skin with long stroke massage, which is followed by a customized therapy for core muscles with hot herbal poultices.

Shirah Shanti

If you are troubled by irregular sleep, we recommend this de-stressing therapy which involves the continuous flow of warm medicated oil over the forehead. This treatment is also beneficial in significantly reducing stress and enhancing your memory.

Viiking Pink Room Pizhichil


A comforting treatment for arthritic problems and sore muscles, Pizchichil is performed by two expert masseurs simultaneously pouring warm medicated oil over your body and massaging it with synchronized strokes.

Netra Tarpanam

Due to constant use of electronic devices like computer and mobile, your eyes start feeling tired and yearn for respite. Pink Room Salon and Day Spa offers this special therapy which relieves your eyes from stress and also improves your vision.

Viiking Pink Room Kati Abhyangam

Kati Abhyangam

How many times we complain about that nagging ache in our lower back! Our trained masseurs use Ayurvedic pain relieving oil in a specialized massage on your lower back. We suggest you take this massage regularly for sustained lower back pain relief.