Body Polish / Body Wraps

Rose Almond

Viiking Pink Room Rose Almond

Your hectic lifestyle leaves you with little time to take care of your skin, leaving it dehydrated and dry. This tiredness reflects on your face and body, and makes it difficult for you to cope up with your schedule. Our Rose Almond body polish is specially designed to successfully exfoliate your full body with additional ingredients, which will boost the glow of your skin. Your skin will instantly feel smoother and intensely hydrated. Get ready to receive handsome compliments as you glow with confidence.

Aloe Jasmine

Viiking Pink Room Alove Jasmine

Before suggesting the ideal body polish, we assess your skin type and accordingly decide on the same. If you have an oily or combination skin type, our Aloe Jasmine body polish will empower your skin with a sublime glow due to its rejuvenating properties. The wonderful aroma of this body polish will serenade your senses with tranquil calm. When you look good, you feel good and execute your personal and professional commitments with confidence.

Indian Ubtan

Viiking Pink Room Indian Ubtan

Down the ages, Ayurveda has blessed us with its time-tested methods of healing our body and relaxing our mind. Our innovative Indian Ubtan body polish is a traditional Ayurvedic detoxifying body scrub which significantly improves the elimination of waste products from your body and reduces the occurrence of water retention. We suggest you take this beneficial body wash on a regular basis for feeling continuously rejuvenated and improving the appearance of cellulite.

All our body polish sessions comprise of 90 minutes, which includes Polish and Massage followed by Steam and Shower.

We are sure that a rejuvenating body polish session will fill you with renewed energy and leave you looking good.