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Aroma Back Neck And Shoulder Massage

Viiking Pink Room Aroma Back Neck And Shoulder Massage

Quite often, you must have noticed that the first feeling of tiredness comes in the back neck and shoulder areas. If not addressed in time, this pain can go deeper into your body and create significant discomfort. We have devised a unique combination of massage oils and pure plant extracts to create our own Aroma Back Neck and Shoulder Massage. Our well trained masseurs will deftly address the correct pressure points to gradually release physical tension in these two areas of your body. This massage typically lasts for about 35 minutes.

Indian Head Massage

Viiking Pink Room Indian Head Massage

All across India, massaging ne’s head to relieve stress is quite common. At Pink Room Salon and Day Spa, we carry forward the tradition of this traditional Indian massage by using oil in a combination with Bhringraj and Bala Thailam which have proven hair rejuvenating properties. Our skilled masseurs gently stimulate the trigger points on the head for inducing a sense of relaxation.

Foot Reflexology

Viiking Pink Room Foot Reflexology

Qi is the invisible life force in our body which promotes healing. Any blockage of this energy field can prevent or slow down the healing process. The reflexes present in parts of our body, like feet, hands, ears and their referral areas within zone related areas, directly correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. At the Pink Room Salon and Day Spa, we combine massage techniques through application of pressure on these reflexes. The feet are the primary area of your body where this pressure is applied. Foot Reflexology improves circulation, relieves tension and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Body Massage

Viiking Pink Room Body Massage

French Detox,Pure Sleep,Skin Rejuve,Muscle Relief,De-Stress, Massage La Pierre, Jeevaniya Abhyangam, Churna Abhyangam, Shramahara Abhyangam, Shirah Shanti, Pizhichil, Netra Tarpanam, Kati Abhyangam.......more details

Body Polish / Body Wraps

Viiking Pink Room Body Polish / Body Wraps

Rose Almond, Aloe Jasmine , Indian Ubtan....more details